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Now elitists will have to look at

Le 4 July 2016, 08:38 dans Humeurs 0


Now elitists will have to look at the blade and soul gold trade final meter total contribution meter if they wanna really measure the efficiency of other party members and they will eventually shut up. I also saw someone somehow shunning frost FM on this post earlier. I'd like to say that as far as I noticed, what fire has over frost FMs is higher burst higher damage in short term in other words but on long term, they both deal almost same damage because, frost is good at having sustained damage and is faster. Its like attack speed vs damage per hit. Higher damage per hit means it will do a higher burst at first but on long run higher attack speed will catch up and they will end up being almost on same level. Its harder to do damage with frost than fire but not that frost fails hard at damage compared to fire.. That's wrong! If you don't understand frost build rotation well enough to do damage with it then please, don't come out with personal hypothesis about the build because, you failed to master it. Example: when i did 5f mushin for first time, I did it with frost.. I tried later with fire back then, I couldn't get it but could get it with frost again.. I didn't assume fire fails at damage but I understood I am not as good at fire as i am with frost.. In short, its a matter of tastes and everyone dig their own way to success.


It's important to us

Le 4 July 2016, 08:38 dans Humeurs 0

One of the great things about blade and soul gold sold basing character strength on Champion Points instead of Veteran Ranks is how favorable it is for playing multiple characters. As Champion Points are shared across your account, all alternate characters on your account are able to access your account's Champion Points at level 50. For example, say you have 160 CP on your account. When you create a new character and level them to 50, they will be able to equip CP 160 gear right away!

It's important to us that everyone feels like their investment in the Veteran Rank system is worthwhile during this system change. As such, we'll be granting a one time bonus to those who have spent hours gaining Veteran Ranks. When Dark Brotherhood is released, you'll be awarded 2. 5 Champion Points per Veteran Rank on your highest level character. For example, with a maximum level character you will be awarded 40 Champion Points. If you haven't gotten to Veteran Rank 16 yet, it'll be worth your while to do so before Dark Brotherhood is released to maximize your bonus!

So far, the community is pretty cool too. Though there is a percent that want to be pirates or bounty hunters, I've got no problem with them. Since they're pretty easy to avoid, and they add realism and contrast to the game. The point of SC when it's fully released. is to be whatever you want. Pirate, smuggler, trader, scientist, explorer, whatever.


Forum member Arkray wrote a

Le 1 July 2016, 10:33 dans Humeurs 0

Forum member Arkray wrote a nice guide on how to get your free Bless online weapon. You have until May 31st Korean time to redeem and everyone can get one, so go for it! The only restriction is one PER ACCOUNT, not per character. Redeem it wisely. They are giving away those weapons in celebration for the 100 days of bless, they are awesome for a starter alt, don't miss out: Be warned: Only one claim per account, not per character, and the weapon goes to the first character you login after you have claimed your reward.

Our announcement of Content Update 2. 3. 0 and the Prophecy Challenge Leagues last week introduced the new Endgame Labyrinth and its corresponding Trials and rewards. oday's news post explains how these work in a lot more detail. We've changed the existing Trials of Ascendancy so that your progress is shared between all characters in the league. If you complete a trial, then you won't need to later complete that one on a subsequent character in that league.

We've solved a lot of problems with blade and soul gold buy the layout of the Labyrinth and fixed a myriad of small issues with most rooms. We have also improved the rewards at the end of side content in the Labyrinth, to make those areas more enticing. There's also a new gauntlet type where you have to move a payload object on rails through an area. There are a new set of six Trials that can be occasionally found in maps. They all occur in lower maps, and it is intentional that it takes some time to complete the set of all six.


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