Now elitists will have to look at the blade and soul gold trade final meter total contribution meter if they wanna really measure the efficiency of other party members and they will eventually shut up. I also saw someone somehow shunning frost FM on this post earlier. I'd like to say that as far as I noticed, what fire has over frost FMs is higher burst higher damage in short term in other words but on long term, they both deal almost same damage because, frost is good at having sustained damage and is faster. Its like attack speed vs damage per hit. Higher damage per hit means it will do a higher burst at first but on long run higher attack speed will catch up and they will end up being almost on same level. Its harder to do damage with frost than fire but not that frost fails hard at damage compared to fire.. That's wrong! If you don't understand frost build rotation well enough to do damage with it then please, don't come out with personal hypothesis about the build because, you failed to master it. Example: when i did 5f mushin for first time, I did it with frost.. I tried later with fire back then, I couldn't get it but could get it with frost again.. I didn't assume fire fails at damage but I understood I am not as good at fire as i am with frost.. In short, its a matter of tastes and everyone dig their own way to success.